Bisons captain Yanagida goes to Poland


The rumors went stronger and stronger in the last weeks - now it's official. Today, Volleyball Bisons Bühl confirms the club transfer of Masahiro Yanagida. The 26 years old outsider was the first japanese player in Germany's Bundesliga, adding there a completely new dimension of playing volleyball in the past season 2017/18.

"Hunter Masa" is the nick name Yanagida got in Bühl, and the Bisons captain proofed with some impressive stats being worth this laurels: best service scorer (56 aces) and 4th best scorer of the men's top league (300 points).
Additionally. "Volleyball MAGAZIN Germany" voted the simpatico outsider into the Top5 MVPs of the season 2017/18.

Manohar Faupel, general manager of Volleyball Bisons Bühl: "It was great to have Masa in our team. He increased significantly our performance, giving his spirit and force to one of the youngest teams in the Bundesliga. Honestly, we counted with him for the second contracted season. But we can understand that Masa wants to make the next step in his evolution, and this will be in Poland."
Cuprum Lubin is the new club welcoming Nippons outstanding volleyball player in 2018/19. In a competition of 16 teams, the polish club finished on position 7 in the ranking. For Yanagida, a second dream comes true: "The season in Bühl was amazing. It was always my dream to play in Europe, and Germany is really a good league. To compete against tall players, defending the hard attacks of physically strong players and to attack a high block, I learned so much there. I gave everything to my team mates, who offered me a very open and friendly welcome. I love the city of Bühl and want to say "thank You so much" that I got here the chance to start in Europe. Now, I can play in one of the world best leagues, it's amazing."

Bison's headcoach Ruben Wolochin is happy about the progress his player made: "We loved the way Masa played, using his dynamic, but also his overview on the court. Strong in defense, clever in attack, even against a block row of three tall opponents. As a captain, Masa guided the young players all along the season, leaded the team into the Cup final and was an amazing role model for the whole Bundesliga. Even if I would love to keep working with him, Masa has to progress in a stronger team, in a very good league. He needs this challenge to become still better for his national team."

"Hunter Masa" focussed the international volleyball attention to Bühl. German and japanese TV stations, magazines and a lot of japanese fans came to Bühl to cheer their idol. And the management of Bühl streamed the matches to Japan to follow Nippons most known volleyball player. For Achim Kammerer, managing partner of the club, the "japanese adventure" was a real success: "Living the second Cup final in Mannheim, in front of over 11.000 spectators, being live in TV, Masa awarded as the "comdirect Player of the Match" and getting in touch with so many kind japanese fans from all over the world during the last season, Bühl became really international this season. From the bottom of our hearts, we all and the fans of Bühl want to thank Masa for this great experience and whish him all the best for the next season in Poland."

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